Getting Shafted in today’s golf industry.

In a desire to help your golf game, I strongly suggest that you get custom fitted for clubs! If you do, you can and will produce exciting results to your scoring and enjoyment of the game. However, until you find the right shaft for your clubs, problems will persist and scores will remain high.

These are the four of the finest and best performing shafts currently available.

As most everybody is aware, “the engine” of a golf club is the shaft. Rightfully, the transmission of the golf club is more appropriate parlance. A shaft transfers the energy from the golfer's swing and transmits it to the club head. It is essential that the right shafts are fitted to suit your swing for optimum performance.

These five shafts are among the best shafts currently available on the market.

All these manufacturers have shafts for wood, hybrids and irons and vary greatly in pricing. In order to improve your game, whether a pro or weekend golfer, take the time to be custom fitted with the correct shaft.

ACCRA  Fx Series Golf Shafts

Maybe ACCRA is not as well-known as these other shaft companies below, their line of shafts deserve consideration when choosing a shaft. ACCRA offers a fairly affordable alternative to some of the pricier shaft options.

ACCRA started in 2002 as a Canadian distributor for Royal Precision and UST. In 2004 they started into the shaft business licensing the ACCRA brand name from UST. In 2007, they purchased the brand name and embarked on independent development of premium golf shafts distributed exclusively through certified ACCRA fitters.

Since inception, Accra has more than 60 wins that can be attributed to players using ACCRA shafts on the PGA and Euro PGA Tours. Currently more than 100 PGA Tour players and countless European, LPGA, Champions Tour and players are using Accra shafts.

The ACCRA Fx series of shafts for drivers, woods and hybrids, will appeal to all levels of golfers from discerning golfers looking for a shaft to aid in launch and forgiveness to Touring professionals requiring stability and feel.

ACCRA’s DyMatch Technology (DYMTEC) is combined with a new S3 (Shaft Simulation System) design, higher modulus materials, lower resin content and tighter tolerances. FYI, the S3 (Shaft simulation System) shaft measuring device enables the engineers at ACCRA to completely profile any golf shaft in a matter of a couple of minutes. The S3 system provides an immediate blue print of every shaft, enabling ACCRA to provide the best QC (Quality Control) in the industry and the best system for developing new shafts for the future.

ACCRA dynamically designs shafts to offer identical feel in driver, fairway woods, and hybrids using a proprietary technology called “DyMatch”. If you use a “DyMatched” set of woods custom fit by a certified ACCRA fitter, rest assured that you will receive similar flight characteristics, feel, and performance throughout your set.

ACCRA Fx simplifies the entire fitting process – shafts are divided into 3 categories:

100 series (responsive tip – High launch)
200 series (Mid tip – Mid launch)
300 series (Stable tip – Low launch)

Our testing group used the Fx 100H60 M2 DYMTEC in the hybrids we were using (3, 4 & 5). This shaft is designed to promote a higher initial launch condition with controlled spin rates. This shaft is an excellent choice for those wanting to increase launch angle and utilize a super light-weight shaft. What impressed most the testers was the feel of hitting the ball perfectly – that sweet sound and feel one receives a few times a round. The dispersion rate and distances achieved were also valued by our testers.

Flexes are designated as follows: Standard Ladies flex is M1, Senior (A) flex is M2, Regular flex is M3.,Stiff flex is  M4 and X flex is M5.


Fujikura – Maker of the Ubiquitous “Speeder” shafts – the Speeder 474 Evolution

Fujikura is best known for designing and producing one of the world's best performance golf shafts-the Speeder brand. Its USP (Unique Selling Proposition) has always been consistent feel and higher ball speeds.

ALL of Fujikura's award winning golf shafts have been developed by enso®- Fujikura's proprietary fitting and testing technology. Fujikura Golf's Speeder Series, MCH Hybrid Golf Shafts as well as ALL of Fujikura's award winning golf shafts have been developed by enso®- Fujikura's proprietary fitting and testing technology.

More than a singular technology, enso represents Fujikura’s commitment to advancing elegant, enlightened shaft design and performance at the highest levels, accounting for the full array of the swing, club head, and shaft dynamics in the design process. This holistic approach to shaft development and biomechanics includes a proprietary system which can measure thousands of swings and club performance at both pre and post impact. These shaft recordings illustrate shaft deflection, twist and club head performance based on shaft movement.

A highly evolved design using the latest high density fibers, fiber orientation and wall thickness control to create a performance enhancing golf shaft. The Speeder Evolution 474 is built with maximizing distance in mind.  It uses a new high Modulus carbon fiber material "TORAY T1100G" that provides a great combination of energy transfer and control.  It is designed for increased club head and ball speeds!

It has a very low resin content which equals more graphite. The unique layering of carbon sheets and resin material helps maximize acceleration and distance through impact. It has a new 50t Triax fabric core that helps keep a low weight while enhancing stability and strength throughout the shaft. (This is the same Triax technology has been used in Space Satellites)

After considerable testing among our slower swinging participants, the Speeder Evolution 474 R-2 shaft
was the unanimous choice over 3 other shafts tested. The ball travelled further and definitely felt more
consistent for the user.

The Speeder 474 is only offered in regular flex and R2 (light/regular).The regular flex weighs 49 grams
while the R-2 shaft weighs a mere 47 grams and both models feature a low bend point with mid-
high spin and launch characteristics.


Aerotech SteelFiber i80 Iron Shaft:

Looking for consistency, great feel, stability and a great price? If so, these shafts are the golf fitter’s best kept secret. They feel like butter and have a tight dispersion ratio. And in our group of testers (swing speeds between Fx65 and 100 mph), produced more accuracy, feel and additional distance than their current shafts.

SteelFiber i80 shafts give players all of the benefits of a 100% golf graphite shaft, plus unprecedented control and consistency for a shaft in this weight category. Whether a player is looking to regain the valuable yardage lost over the years or has lost accuracy because they are playing a 100% graphite shaft that is too light, the SteelFiber i80 is the perfect solution.

The SteelFiber i80 Iron Shaft has the stability of steel and the power of graphite. The key is the steel filament that wraps around the fiberglass, making it react like steel without the weight.

SteelFiber shafts provide superior performance through innovative composite engineering that combines a high-modulus graphite core with 59 miles of steel fiber lacing the shaft surface. The shaft’s high modulus graphite core provides vibration dampening, increased club head speed and maximum distance, while the steel fibers produce optimum weighting for a solid feel at impact and add stability and control for pinpoint accuracy.

This shaft design of high modulus graphite core for increased club head speed and an advanced steel fiber surface layer for stability, refines how golf shafts are constructed.

Aerotech Golf shafts are available as custom options with many nationally celebrated golf club manufacturers such as Callaway, Titleist, TaylorMade, Ping, Nike Golf, Bridgestone Golf, Wilson, Cleveland Golf, Miura, Srixon, KZG and Nakashima Golf. Aerotech Golf shafts are also available through professional golf club fitters around the world.

This mid bend shaft is available in X-stiff (2.3 torque), stiff (2.8 torque), regular (2.9 torque), senior (3.0 torque) and ladies (3.1 torque) and each weighs 85 grams.

$72.00 per shaft        

Graphite Design Tour AD DI6 Deep Impact .335 Graphite Wood Shaft

One of the most highly sought after shafts on Tour since its introduction. The performance delivered has been nothing short of phenomenal. Recent users and winners are Jordan Spieth, Lydia Ko, Bernard Langer and Hideki Matsuyama. Last year the DI series won 20 tournaments, so far 12 this year.

Produced in Japan, the shaft is designed to provide more power and stability by incorporating the Toray Company’s new Nanomaterial technology in the tip section of the shaft. This unique technology allows the player to create an epic impact on ball speed while still providing exceptional feel and control. It features a mid-bend point and shafts weigh between 63.5 to 66.5 grams.

The mid bend profile of the Tour AD DI allows the player to load the shaft properly, yet maintains a firm enough tip section through impact producing optimal spin and launch conditions. Result, the Graphite Design Tour AD DI will deliver players to the next level in shaft performance and impress an epic impact on your game!

The Tour AD DI shaft carries the Tour AD moniker which stands for Tour Accuracy and Distance and has long been known for high quality and superior performance. This is represented by the company’s success that has been documented by professionals and amateurs alike. Graphite Design is the most dominant shaft on the JPGA Tour and has been for the past seven years.

FYI, the new Tour AD GP model introduced this year already has two wins!

Also available in black and white.


Throughout all the testing, we used 3 “famous” name brand of balls yet the most highly rated and most desirous were the Snell balls.

Snell Golf

An up and coming ball manufacturer that has years of experience and is delivering probably one of the best golf balls on the market.

Its founder, Dean Snell, holder of 38 golf patents, is a highly respected golf ball expert with over 25 years in research and development roles for companies such as Titleist and Taylormade and is the inventor or co-inventor of the Pro V1, Professional, Penta and Tour Preferred balls.

Snell golf has two models – My Tour Ball, which is a 3 piece ball and Get Sum which is a 2-piece ball.

My Tour Ball:

The Core has been developed with a very low compression, soft feel, with high velocity to help with ball speed regardless of swing speed and creates low driver spin rates for longer distances.

The Mantle layer works on longer shots to keep control of the spin, and works with the thin soft cast urethane cover on shorter irons and chip shots to create higher spin rates for better control into the green.

The Cover layer is made of a thermoset cast urethane tour proven cover. This technology allows very thin covers for better short game spin control, and is very soft and durable.

The Get Sum ball:

Get Sum is a high performance 2-pc golf ball that offers excellent feel and control.

The large, soft low compression core again allows for the ball to have very low spin rates which increases distance and creates less hooks and slices.

The thin, soft Surlyn® cover contributes to the soft feel of the ball. This core cover combination has been designed to help golfers get the ball in the air easier, and reduced spin rates for straighter shots from tee to green.

All with fast ball speeds for any swing speed, and exceptional soft feel and control.

So how do you choose the correct ball for your game. Dean has the following advice: “Today, most golf balls go the same distance off the tee. But they are much different from 100 yards and in. I recommend playing 6 to 9 holes, from 100 yards and in. Take both balls out and hit shots from 100 yards, 70 yards, 30 yards, chips, putts. Choose the ball that you prefer for feel, spin, launch and control. Then take that ball back to the tee, and optimize your driver with today’s adjustable technology, and you have a complete tee to green ball fitting. Now enjoy the game.”

 Dean’s site offers a great chart that allows you to compare each model to the ball you are currently playing and can be found at / Currently, the balls need to be ordered online.

Our testing group, specifically the lower handicapper, found the My Tour Ball model exceeded their expectations as to feel, distance and responsiveness. The higher handicappers gravitated to the Get Sum model.

Quite a few of Tour players with whom I work with, loved the MyTour model but due to contractual obligations, simply cannot use the ball on Tour.

My Tour Ball:  $31.99      Available in a 6 dozen Value Pack and free shipping. $157.99

Get Sum Ball: $20.99     Available in a 6 dozen Value Pack and free shipping. $85.00 Optic Yellow now available.


Barry Lotz, J.D., Ph.D. is the director of the Professional Golf Teachers Association of America. He is a member of the Golf Writers Association of America, the California Golf Writers Association, and serves both as a Consultant and Mediator to the golf industry. He is also the author of numerous books, including “333 Best Web Sites for Golfers”, “How to Build Business Relationships through Golf” which is in the Top Ten Golf Business Book’s bestseller list. His latest book,” The Right Mind for Golf”, released last year, is now in its 6th printing.

He can be reached at or

A Golfer’s Love/Hate relationship with the driver is an addictive and obsessive trait,
yet there is no relief in sight for the foreseeable future.

-Barry Lotz, J.D., Ph.D

These drivers will definitely, maybe positively, get you to the “Magic” driver!

Ping G Series Graphite Driver w/Tour Shaft

Last year PING had the best-selling driver in the G30 model. This year, their new PING G has attracted a new set of devotees to the PING clan.

What the G driver offers is what every golfer desires - faster club head and ball speed. Using proprietary Turbulator Technology, VorTec and face/crown transition to combine for more efficient air flow, there is definitely a noticeable difference over the G30 version – all good.

The T9S Titanium face is thinner and hotter for maximum distance and deflection. The club’s adjustability with its 5-lobe hosel sleeve, allows±1 degree of loft adjustment.

Another improvement is the DragonFly Technology - ultra-thin crown sections save 8 grams of weight to optimize CG (Center of Gravity) and MOI (Moment of Inertia) - making the G one of the most forgiving and consistent drivers on the market currently.

The aesthetics of the club and speed generating aerodynamics that reduce drag 37% and increase carry distance 3-4 yards are additional attributes, all of which make this driver one of the most sought after in a crowded field.

Available in 9° and 10.5° lofts with a TOUR 65 shaft, though other shaft options are available.

To fine-tune your launch conditions prior to a round, adjust the loft up to ±1° using Trajectory Tuning 2.0, which utilizes a lightweight, aerodynamically efficient and high-strength 7075 aluminum hosel sleeve.

G drivers are available in three models to fit your desired trajectory: G Standard, G SF Tec (Straight-Flight Technology), and G LS Tec (Low-Spin Technology).


Callaway XR 16 Pro Men's Graphite Driver

Callaway has another big hit on their hands with this driver! It is the bestselling driver this year so far. It is an absolute dream to hit.

Not only does it perform, but the Boeing involvement has certainly made an impact both on sales and performance of this club. Callaway worked with the aerodynamics experts at Boeing to redefine what's possible with ball speed in a deeper face. To make it faster, Callaway put in the distance technology from their completely re-engineered face and a lighter Speed Step Crown, and Boeing helped in creating the most aerodynamic head shape ever produced at Callaway.

Combining lower spin and a more neutral CG bias into a 450cc head, the results were far better than expected.

This is a remarkably fast and forgiving driver for players who already get a lot of distance off the tee. This thing is fast like you wouldn't believe, with a high speed head and lower drag in the crown that, as you can guess, is going to add some serious ball speed. It's forgiving with more MOI, a Speed Step Crown, and a Center of Gravity that's lower and deeper.

Callaway’s next generation R*MOTO face is also lighter and thinner for more speed all across the face. And, of course, you can choose from a great selection of shaft options to fit your swing speed.

I suggest that using Callaway’s new Chrome Soft balls with this driver, especially for higher handicappers, will bring you a large smile and more distance to your game.


Cobra King F6 Black Men’s Driver

Over the past few years Cobra has made a considerable dent in the driver category. Not only are their products great performers, but their use by Ricky Fowler has certainly helped Cobra gain traction.

Their current lineup of drivers is threefold – the KING LTD ($449.99), King F6 and the KING F6+ ($399.99).All three suit a specific type of golfer.

The focus in this article is the KING F6, specifically. This is Cobra’s most forgiving adjustable driver with CG tuning. The forged Ti8-1-1 Titanium face, featuring the dual position 'front-to-back' CG weight system, allows you to maximize distance through dialing in your ideal launch and spin conditions.

This model allows you to personalize your distance. It would not be outlandish to say that no other all titanium adjustable CG driver delivers this combination of distance and forgiveness in every shot, as the KING F6 offers.

It is offered with lofts of: 9.0º, 9.5º,10.5º, 11.5º and 12° and with draw settings of 9.5°,10.5° and 11.5°.

The Matrix Red Tie 60Q4 graphite shaft is available in Lite, Regular, Stiff and X-Flex.


Bridgestone JGR Men's Driver

Looking for a great driver at an affordable price? Look no further than the new Bridgestone JGR Men's Driver.

This driver is designed to improve launch and ball speed with a crown that is thinner in the front, which allows the face to slightly flex at impact, thereby enhancing rebound above the center of the face.

The460cc F.A.S.T. (Flex Action Speed Technology) Crown Design allows for increased ball velocities and higher launch angles.

Bridgestone’s speeDARC Technology provides an incredibly stable base, leading to the fastest ball speeds and highest launch angles on a driver currently being sold. It is the ultimate combination of low spin distance and added forgiveness on off-center hits.

Also noticeable is the milling pattern on the face. Bridgestone designers wanted to reduce the amount the ball slides up the face, thus reducing spin. They also used a new vertical milling pattern on the heel and toe areas to help mis-hits.

The milling lines are also closer together and rougher at the bottom of the face to help those shots hit low that tend to produce more spin. An adjustable-weighting system allows golfers to adjust the driver to hit a draw and launch the ball lower and higher.

The driver uses the Aldila NV 2KXV Orange driver shaft and is available in 8.5°, 9.5° and 12°.


Bridgestone makes a phenomenal line of golf balls. If you are looking for a general all around wonderful performing ball, look no further than the NewTour B330 RXS model, especially if your swing speed is under 105 miles per hour.

The New Tour B330RXS features a softer AMATOURcore designed to maximize compression for longer distance. The NEW patented SlipRes cover produces maximum greenside performance, higher friction for more spin from the rough and less spin off the driver for increased distance.

With unparalleled distance, the 330 seamless dimple design urethane cover ensures greenside spin and control that players can count on.


Adjustability is here to stay, shafts and balls are continuously being developed to increase distance and feel, and new metal for driver heads is constantly changing. Golfers primarily focus on distance and the manufacturers will cater to their quest for the longest driver.

Barry Lotz, J.D., Ph.D. is the director of the Professional Golf Teachers Association of America. He is a member of the Golf Writers Association of America, the California Golf Writers Association, and serves both as a Consultant and Mediator to the golf industry. He is also the author of numerous books, including “333 Best Web Sites for Golfers”, “How to Build Business Relationships through Golf” which is in the Top Ten Golf Business Book’s bestseller list. His latest book,” The Right Mind for Golf”, released last year, is now in its 6th printing.

He can be reached at or

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The 2016 PGA Show's Most Impressive Products

Part One
The 2016 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, FL attracted golf buyers and sellers from around the world to drive a 3 percent increase in overall attendance, despite the early-week Winter Storm Jonas impacting the East Coast of the United States. The top five countries (outside of U.S.) represented in attendance were Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, Mexico and Germany.  The top five U.S. states represented in attendance were Florida, New York, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Michigan.
This year's show was well attended by both exhibitors and visitors, even without familiar names such as Nike, Mizuno and Sun Mountain. For the first two days everybody seemed to be writing orders.  Callaway, PING, Titleist, Bridgestone, Cobra and Tour Edge were consistently busy, as were Carnoustie, SunIce and Devereaux.
The Demo Day was the busiest I have ever seen and perfect weather was the order of the day.
Whether this will convert to an increase in business, only time will tell, though positive attitudes heard from attendees and exhibitors may warrant a better 2016.
These 10 products below, together with a brief synopsis, were those products that I felt deserved your attention, and they will be fully described in Part Two next month, as we conclude our product testing and evaluations of the below mentioned products.
GolfBuddy LD2 & the WT5 GPS Watch

The LD2, GolfBuddy's first foray into the ladies watch market, combines Swarovski crystals with a genuine leather strap, a stainless steel bezel and a mineral crystal lens for a crisp display. Each element has been designed to ensure a luxurious look and feel. The Swarovski crystals are produced with a light sapphire hue, while the interchangeable wristband is made with an alligator grain.

The WT5 watch is elegant and provides full targets and hazards information.
BioMech Acculock Ace Putter
Heath Slocum, Tim Clark and Bo van Pelt use this putter. With scientific principles that produce a more natural and consistent putting stance and stroke behind this putter, and with its performance and aesthetics all working together, it all makes sense. The AccuLock Ace was designed with a forward shaft lean that allows the club grip to rest against the leading forearm during the stroke. To achieve the optimal forward lean and lie angle, the shaft was attached to the rear of the putter head.

The absolutely smooth roll and feel exemplify pure putting, resulting in more sunk putts! Another great attribute of this putter’s design is that it can also prevent and reduce back problems according to Dr. Frank Fornari and Dr. Gwen Bauer, the putter’s developers.
BioMech has also partnered with the American Parkinson Disease Association (APDA) to reengage golfers and enhance the joy of the game to players impacted by Parkinson’s.


Their two new products are simply marvelous and truly useful. The XL1000 is like nothing you've seen before from Laser Link Golf — their first "hold to your eye" rangefinder. A new design, new features, and new modes add a new dimension to the most complete line of laser rangefinder products in golf. The Swing Caddie 2 Portable Launch Monitor is amazing and gives Trackman a run for their money at considerably less cost. This company knows about distance finders and launch monitors, both of which will definitely make you a better golfer and enjoy the game of golf even more!

Stewart Golf

The most beautiful, sleek and fun electric golf trolley available ever bought to market. Though very expensive, at least a $1,000.00 more than its competitors, this is the real McCoy! I love the way it follows you around the golf course.

For the past 20 years, Carnoustie’s premium golf apparel brand has been the choice of well-dressed golfers.  Visit any upscale, daily-fee course around the country, what stands out in the pro shop is the Carnoustie brand for men and women.  Their styles are not the cutting edge trends or tailored fit profiles so dominant today, but what you will find is a steady stream of timeless designs that are well constructed out of premium fabrics.
In my opinion, Carnoustie has the classiest, best looking and highest quality golf shirts currently on the market!
Krank Golf
This is the driver that the major driver manufacturers do not want you to know about.  Its performance and distance can equate to 20 - 30 yards longer on every drive.

How could it not be good if it has won 8 Long Drive Championships? If I can achieve 18+ more yards, imagine what you can do!
PING G Series
As always, PING products are outstanding and this year's G driver is no different. It is an upgrade to the G30 series, the best-selling driver of 2015. In fact, their whole new G Series of driver, fairway woods and hybrids, will markedly improve your game, especially if you take advantage of being fit by a certified PING fitter.

Consistent super quality product continue to emanate from this company. Their new JGR Driver and JGR Hybrid Forged irons and their B series balls perform superbly.
If you are looking for one of the most, if not THE most comfortable golf shoe currently available, then Skechers is your answer. Matt Kuchar loves them and I truly believe you will be thrilled with the fit. I know I am. Spikeless and Spiked, men’s and women’s golf shoes are available in great designs.

Leupold GX-3i2 Range Finder

The King of range finders and GPS. Unrivaled quality, accuracy and aesthetics make their products “want to have and need to have” instruments. The Fog Mode feature is awesome.

Fueled by an exclusive rangefinder engine technology, years in the making, DNA Technology (Digitally eNhanced Accuracy) propels golf laser range finding to new levels of precision and speed. Get faster, more precise ranging with resolution to within 1/10th of a yard against all background colors and textures. DNA takes the groundbreaking GX-3i2 to a new level!

Barry Lotz, J.D., Ph.D. is the director of the Professional Golf Teachers Association of America. He is a member of the Golf Writers Association of America, the California Golf Writers Association, and serves both as a Consultant and Mediator to the golf industry. He is also the author of numerous books, including “333 Best Web Sites for Golfers”, “How to Build Business Relationships through Golf” which is in the Top Ten Golf Business Book’s bestseller list. His latest book,” The Right Mind for Golf”, released last year, is now in its 6th printing.
He can be reached at or